Who We Are?

Our Story

Competitive Ultimate Training (CUT) is a organization set up by Arnoush Javaherian (a.k.a. “Java”) with the purpose of supporting the growth of youth Ultimate Frisbee through Ultimate camps. This organization started in 2011 with a summer camp that had 23 participants. These numbers are continuously growing with the popularity of the sport of youth Ultimate. Ultimate is the greatest sport, as it fosters solid competition while still displaying a high level of sportsmanship. The game is based on sportsmanship as there are no referees and players have to work out disagreements on the field. Competitive Ultimate Training was developed to help grow this amazing sport amongst the youth of today in order to build a solid foundation for youth Ultimate Frisbee. CUT provides camps in which our youth can play youth Ultimate and continuously improve their skills and learn life lessons.

Mission Statement

To provide an environment in which adolescents can learn and play the sport of ultimate frisbee in a positive and growing atmosphere to help them improve as a player and also as a person.

Philosophy of CUT Camp

This camp was created out of the vision to help improve youth Ultimate and provide high school players an opportunity to learn from some of the best players and coaches in the nation. Many high schools do not offer Ultimate Frisbee clubs, thus limiting the opportunities high school players have to learn and improve. This camp provides these high school players with an environment to grow, learn, and improve in the game that they love. In addition, the camp will help them grow as people and learn life long lessons. Our coaches and administration are dedicated to providing you with the best Ultimate Camp experience possible!

Our Goals of the Ultimate Frisbee Camp