Most frequent questions and answers

The event would like to host Women’s, Open and Mixed divisions. WFDF has released EOIs for all divisions and the final competition structure will be determined once the EOIs have been returned. If there is sufficient interest then we will host competitions in all those divisions. So if you’re interested in competing, make contact with your National Federation and connect with your Ultimate network locally and internationally to raise awareness. Also note that a division requires a minimum of 6 nations to register in order to qualify for inclusion in the competition.

There are a number of deadline. These can be found on the website here 

The event schedule is typically published several weeks prior to the event. This varies due to the changing circumstances of teams, players and even venues, however every effort is made to publish as early as possible. Once the game schedule draft is published you can find it here.

When a call for team bids is issued all divisions are included, subject to availability of fields. Once the bid list is firm and registration open (asking for team fees) each division will require 6 or more countries to register to classify the division as valid.

Spectators do not have to register. Only players and non-playing team support who wish to be accredited to a team are required to register. Players and Non-Players are registered by the Team Manager.

See Appendix D: WFDF Eligibility and Roster Guidelines for details. [LINK].

See Appendix D: WFDF Eligibility and Roster Guidelines for details. [LINK].

No. Documents that require a signature must be presented with original pen signature. Copies or digital scans are not accepted.

Roster Lock is a date when rosters are locked with no further changes permitted. There are injury exceptions. Details of the Roster Lock can be found in the Player Briefing Book which is typically issued 12 Weeks prior to the event.

There are a number of fees include Team Fee, Player Fees and optional fees such as meal packages etc. You can find all the fee details and their deadlines here [LINK].

No it does not. The event holder is insured but insurance is not provided to each participant as part of their fee. All participants must ensure they are insured whilst attending the event.

Children below the ago of 15 may attend the event and be accredited to a team so long as they are accompanied by an adult. Said adult must sign the Event Participant Agreement if they are accredited to a team. No such signature is required for children attending as spectators.

Guests (non-playing team support) are officially part of the team but not on the playing roster. Guests differ from Spectators in that Guests receive a Player Pack, where provided, have access to official sidelines, meetings and tournament party, which are not provided to Spectators.

Teams competing at a WFDF sanctioned events are permitted to use the official event logo on their uniforms only. Official logo must be no larger than 4”/10cm wide and can be used only once on any piece of official playing uniform. (Light and dark competition jerseys and shorts only). The official event logo may not be used on non-uniform aspects intended for wear/use off the competition field. (Hats, long sleeves, warm-ups, bags, etc.) Use of the official event logo on uniforms does not mean that any team has any official connection or representation on behalf of the event. The use of official event logo in ANY other form outside use on playing uniforms is strictly prohibited. The event logo may not be used for printing in brochures, on promotional materials, adverts or discs. Any team found in breach of the uniform rules found in Section C of the Rules appendix 

Addition of sponsor logos to team uniforms are permitted so long as the uniform, layout and design are all the same. Sponsors should not include sports nutrition, hard liquor, tobacco, and casino or gambling businesses.

Accommodation and transportation information can be found here

The official tournament hotel and competition fields are located in the cities of Punta Cana and Cap Cana. Both cities are gated cities which reduces the traffic that goes in and out. Resorts, beaches and attractions inside the city are also patrolled by a police force called CESTUR which is dedicated to protecting travelers and tourists areas. 

Although the cities and hotel may be gated, you should still take the necessary precautions to stay safe. Remember to
– Always travel in groups, 
– Stay away from remote areas
– Always keep an eye on your belongings
– Don’t talk to strangers
– Make sure an adult always knows where you are

Yes, the Dominican Republic is hot. Make sure to wear sunscreen and bring a pair of UV sunglasses.